Problem-free and economic air compression

The Altia Plant in Rajamäki, Finland, bottles and bags about 20 million litres of wine annually. The wine is transported from around the world in freight containers, stabilised in terms of microbes and proteins. Wine is a sensitive product which needs to be protected over the entire transport, storage and bottling process. The growth of harmful microbes is efficiently hindered using nitrogen as a protective gas.

Nitrogen is fed into the containers to displace the air, and the oxygen in the wine is also “caught” by small nitrogen bubbles that rise to the surface and exit the liquid.

The nitrogen comes from pressurised (7 bar) ambient air through a nitrogen generator, and is always available, without such complications as the ordering or storage of nitrogen gas.

The nitrogen generators at the Rajamäki plant take the compressed air from screw compressors through adsorption dryers and filters.

The entire compressed-air system is regulated and controlled by Sarlin Balance, guaranteeing problem-free and economic air compression. The cooperation between the supplier and the customer proved valuable at the design stage.