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Benefits for

Sarlin Balance means better compressed air quality and a reliable supply to production.

Reliable compressed air supply and stable pressure are critical requirements in most lines of production. When Sarlin Balance controls compressors and ensures the compressed air stability, the production quality will be constant, the raw material usage is optimised, and the final product quality rises.

The quality of compressed air is closely supervised and Sarlin Balance monitors quality factors along the entire network simultaneously controlling both compressed air production and treatment equipment.

Sarlin Balance means better compressed air quality

Sarlin Balance monitors pressure levels in the critical parts of production. This information enables real-time pressure level adjustments. The Balance system utilises inputs from the process automation system and adjusts the compressed air supply for the production situation. Even high demand fluctuations are better controlled.

Sarlin Balance controls the air supply independently, and works equally well for distributed and centralised compressed air systems. In case of compressor failure or air demand exceeding the normal level, Sarlin Balance instantly employs any spare capacity, releasing it again as soon as the condition is back to normal.

The management system lets you isolate compressed air usage in sections. Areas of production that are critical to compressed air quality can be secured with individual control valves.

Data collection helps to analyse the possible effects that the compressed air system may have on production quality.

Our customers´ comments

“We annually spend tens of thousands of euros on air tools. It’s worth emphasising the importance of compressed air quality in order to save part of this money.”

“Sarlin Balance test-runs our spare compressors from time to time. We need 100% spare capacity to secure our production; compressors need to be ready at all times.”

“Melting takes place four times a day. This causes high fluctuation in air demand, but Sarlin Balance helps us because we are not experts in managing compressed air systems.”

“If we had not had dew point control in our food production process, we would not have recognised the problem in our compressed air quality on time. Now we have rectified the problem, before it got too bad.”

”Our packaging machines require over 6 bar pressure: only then the supplier guarantees their operation. The machines are located in the farthest spot from the compressor station and there the network pressure is the lowest. After the introduction of Sarlin Balance we have managed to keep the required compressed air network pressure even in the packaging machines, and on top of that we have saved energy.”

“Sarlin Balance compressed air management system turned out to be a good choice in our pharmaceutical factory; easy to use. The definition of parameters for dryer controls succeeded well.”