Sarlin Balance means savings of up to 30% in total compressed air energy consumption.

Sarlin Balance means savings of up to 30% in total compressed air energy consumption.
Compressor life cycle costs.

Sarlin Balance calculates and reports the actual cost of compressed air production.

When Sarlin Balance is in control, your compressed air system will always run with the optimum combination of compressors, and also utilise the operational area of the compressors to greatest advantage.

Sarlin Balance helps you to adjust the compressed air network pressure so that your energy consumption will be maintained at an optimum level. Sarlin Balance can generate energy savings of up to 30%.

By comparing compressed air supply data in different network locations and in varying production situations you can pinpoint any leakages, which can then be repaired, as these consume energy.

If compressed air production is reduced, Sarlin Balance will adjust the auxiliary systems accordingly, again providing energy savings.

Sarlin Balance allows you the freedom to define different utilisation sequences according to predefined schedules to optimise energy usage.

Our customers´ comments

“Sarlin Balance has taught us to avoid high compressed air pressure levels. We agreed to lower the network pressure gradually, in steps of 0.1 bar. We have now reached 5.8 bar and saved a lot of energy.”

“Because compressed air consumption fluctuates heavily, there is an overcapacity of dryers during low consumption time. With separate control valves, unnecessary dryers can be disconnected automatically according to air demand.”

“When the compressor is stopped, cooling water circulation can be stopped as well. This will produce savings in money and maintenance.”

“We are looking for extra savings by lowering the pressure at night time and on weekends when the demand is quite low.”

“We decided to combine our four separate compressed air networks and to install Sarlin Balance to adjust supply to the fluctuating demands of our distant locations, and we still have lower network pressure than before. This generated large energy savings.”

“Our steelworks saves about 140 000 euros annually, thanks to improved compressor control.”

“We would not have made these considerable changes in the compressed air network, if we hadn’t had Sarlin to provide their expertise in compressed air systems.”