for Planning


for Planning

Sarlin Balance means basing critical planning decisions on real data.

Less compressors, integrated networks.

Sarlin Balance helps you to see the status of your compressed air system easily, and check that all processes are under control.

Sarlin Balance continuously collects performance data from all parts of the compressed air network.

This increased knowledge, with all the supporting data provided by Sarlin Balance gives a firm basis for further upgrade operations, taking your organisation to even higher levels.

You can reliably assess total compressed air consumption, sufficiency of compressor capacity, and how well the compressors work together. Sarlin Balance will provide you with real data to help with capacity related decisions.

The right time for compressor replacement is better estimated, because Sarlin Balance collects real-time cost data which can then be compared to potential investment costs.

When using Sarlin Balance your compressed air system is better documented, and correlations in different operational situations are easier to analyse.

Utilising Sarlin Balance, the consumption of compressed air can now be measured by business unit or product, so that actual cost effects are better visualised.