Sarlin Balance means decades of compressed air expertise at your service.

Sarlin Balance help desk is available to help customers over the Internet through remote access to your Balance compressed air mangement system.

Critical alarms from compressors and other parts of compressed air system are forwarded to Sarlin Balance's help desk, where they are checked and the cause analysed. Sarlin Balance professionals then produce a report of their findings which they deliver to the customer contact person.

Because all historical performance data is available, the experts can then also analyse any preceding events and advise the operators.

Sarlin Balance experts can provide you with regular reports on critical compressed air parameters and give development recommendations for achieving the best energy savings and the best quality of compressed air.

Sarlin Balance professionals maintain the Sarlin Balance system itself and keep it running. When remote support is not enough, our technical partner will be advised to make an onsite service visit.

Our customers´ comments

“I have always been able to contact Sarlin when there have been problems. Then we have considered solutions together.”

“Service works really well. Our questions have always been answered.”

“Sarlin has taken the total liability for compressed air management seriously.”

“Half-yearly reporting is excellent. 'Conclusions' and 'To be developed' form good check lists.”

“The report on operation of compressed air system gives a good overall picture. Long term trends in power and compressed air consumption are useful.”

“I am convinced that the services also create energy savings. After consulting with Sarlin we understand the compressor performance much better.”

“They listened to our wishes pretty well. The management system was tailored to look like us.”