Alarms from Compressed Air System

Sarlin Balance includes complete functionality for handling alarms from your compressed air system.

Active alarms are clearly visible both in the Sarlin Balance main display and in the separate alarm window.

The alarms are logged for further analysis along with date and time information, a detailed description, current status and acknowledgement time.

Different alarms are given different priorities and they are relayed to mobile phones or emails according to predefined rules. All authorised organisations can receive the alarms based on their specific functions and responsibilities.

Each measurement in the compressed air system is associated with alarms at adjustable minimum and maximum values, as well as an alarm for an invalid value.

Compressors and dryers automatically send general alarms to Sarlin Balance. Optionally, all detailed alarms and warnings from local controllers can also be relayed.

Valve controls and air flow measurements can also raise alarms.