History Charts


History Charts of Compressed Air System

Data for management of compressed air system
1) Power and Compressed air consumption
2) Pressure, flow, temperature, dew point
3) Compressor amperage

Sarlin Balance provides vital and accurate information for analyzing the operational efficiency of the compressed air system.

All collected data can be illustrated

  • over an adjustable time period and
  • in free groupings in several charts.

Sarlin Balance calculates various parameters and indicators from the measurements, which again can be displayed in the same manner.This information escpecially serves factory level management of compressed air system.

  • compressed air output; also min, max and average over selected time period
  • network pressure from controlling pressure sensor; also min, max and average over selected time period
  • specific power rate (kW/m3/min)
  • air production cost (euro/m3)
  • cumulative energy use (MWh), air production (m3) and cost (euro)

Optionally, the monitored compressor measurements and dryer dew point measurements can be displayed with trend lines.

The data can be exported for further use in other software tools.