Sarlin Compressed Air Audit

Compressed Air Audit is a detailed operational assessment of your compressed air system, which the highly experienced professionals from Sarlin will perform. The survey does not require the use of Sarlin Balance.

The evaluation follows the International Standard ISO 11011:2013(E) “Compressed air — Energy efficiency — Assessment”.

The standard defines: “The overall objectives of the assessment shall include identification of performance improvement opportunities in the compressed air system being assessed using a systems approach.” It can then be useful in the future to use the assessment results in configuring a Sarlin Balance compressed air management system. 

All critical parameters are continuously measured during varying production situations. The survey typically lasts a period of one week. 

Battery powered loggers with a fast sampling rate will register various pressure, dew point and flow rate measurements among other parameters.

Optionally the compressed air network will be inspected and measured for potential leakages.

The experts will analyse the functionality and energy efficiency of the complete compressed air system, not only the compressors, but also the air treatment devices and the network itself. The quality of the air is also reviewed, and the whole case is compared to other similar customer cases, which have accumulated in Sarlin’s records.

Energy saving potential is calculated based on the collected data and previous experience. Sarlin gives suggestions for improvements, and possibilities for further development are discussed with the customer in review meetings. The assessment report is created in accordance with the standard ISO 11011:2013(E). 

We can guarantee the validity of our assessments through the hundreds of analyses we have performed since 1992, the proven data collection arrangements we use, and our unbeatable knowledge of various compressed air system versions.