Dots make the Difference.

Sarlin balance • Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries.

Save in Energy

Energy takes up a big part of costs in industrial production. In the pulp industry or in steel factories energy costs can be more than 30 % of the total expenses. Almost one third of energy consumption of industrial factors comes from leaks and unrecognizable variables of the technical process. Sarlin Balance helps plants find those dots in their process and optimize the energy consumption on a daily level. It is your time to save energy and a lot of resources.

Support the Earth

Sustainable future needs sustainable acts, but not always big investments to new energy sources. Optimization brings quick results and doesn’t need new industrial investments. With a few hundred thousand euro per year, using Sarlin Balance delivers huge savings in your production’s carbon footprint. At the same time, your factory delivers a more sustainable process and end products for the world.

Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries

We have dedicated ourselves to be a partner for energy intensive industries, such as pulp & paper, steel industries, as well as serving complex manufacturing industry. During the last decades we have delivered a long list of solutions for global players in several continents. In these references our customers reduced their total energy consumption on average 10% every year.

Pulp & Paper Industry

As a Finnish company we have a peak place to collaborate with the world’s leading players and to understand the processes of pulp and paper production. Read about our our solutions for the industry.

Steel Industry

The steel industry is under a loop of societys. Sustainability is a key question in the field. Sarlin has rich experience in improving sustainability in different parts of the globe.

Manufacturing Industry

Energy consumption is a key topic for many industries from mining to food production and car industry. We have helped many companies in different sectors. Will you be the next one?