What does surge mean for centrifugal compressor?

During the production process of centrifugal compressors, sometimes strong vibrations suddenly occur, the flow and pressure of the air also fluctuate greatly, accompanied by periodic dull “call” sounds, and the airflow fluctuations cause in the pipe network. “Huh, Huh” strong noise, this phenomenon is called surge condition of centrifugal compressor.


Compressors cannot be operated for a long time under surge conditions. Once the compressor enters surge conditions, the operator should immediately take adjustment measures to reduce the outlet pressure, or increase the inlet or outlet flow, so that the compressor quickly leaves the surge area to achieve stable operation of the compressor.


How Sarlin Balance will help with surge?

When centrifugal compressor operates at low air output, surge is more likely to happen. Sarlin Balance Smart Management System can manage operation range of centrifugal compressor i.e. air output of the centrifugal compressor. With the help of Sarlin Balance, low air output will be recognized by measuring motor current. Therefore, in practice,  if surge occurs, own controller of the centrifugal compressor is not tuned correctly. Though Sarlin Balance can’t directly prevent surge to be happened, we can set the air output range for the centrifugal compressor in Sarlin Balance Smart Management System and try to prevent compressor running at low air output which gives less chance for surge.