The Operations Center serves and is on call – ticketing speeds up and streamlines operations

Operations Center
Written by Juha Leppävuori 3.9.2021

Sarlin serves its compressed air contract customers comprehensively and efficiently every hour of the day. Therefore, no worries if the pressure in the compressed air network suddenly drops. During the fall, we will introduce a ticketing system that will allow us to quickly receive information about the alarm to those responsible, and the event will also be automatically documented for reporting.


The Sarlin Operations Center mainly serves compressed air clients and Sarlin Balance Smart Management System users in Finland. Another group consists of clients in the gas and energy industries. In addition to two day-to-day operators, the Operations Center has about a dozen experts in the field in 24-hour on-call, technical support, maintenance, and spare part sales. Many of the measures related to supervision and control are handled remotely from Kaivoksela in Vantaa, while maintenance and installation work is carried out on site by maintenance experts. If necessary, maintenance work is carried out even at night to ensure the operation of the system, as a stable supply of compressed air is vital in many industrial processes.


With the Operations Center’s versatile expert activities and comprehensive on-call service, Sarlin guarantees quality service to contract customers. In the compressed air industry, such a comprehensive service is not made available by others.


Take control of deviations quickly

Sarlin operators notice exceptional situations in a compressed air system quickly via Sarlin Balance Smart Management System’s automatic alarm system, which sends out an alarm when equipment gives a fault message to the system. Service contracts include supervision from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays or in some cases 24 hours every day. Most of the notifications come through the remote management system. Operators are also often contacted by phone and non-urgent matters can be taken care of by email. Sarlin Balance Smart Management System provides up-to-date information on the functionality of the compressed air system, which is also stored for monitoring and reporting.


The compressed air system works optimally when compressed air production is stable and the system has been designed and dimensioned correctly. This is achieved through proactive service and maintenance. However, since these are mechanical devices, it is necessary to be prepared for leaks and equipment failures, for example. Sometimes the help of operators is needed when the customer wants to change the order of operation of the compressors, shut down part of the compressors or depressurize all or part of the system, and the change must be made in a controlled manner. Installation and maintenance personnel can see the condition of the equipment on site, while the operations center gives guidance on how the entire system works. In this way, the work can be carried out as planned.


In the gas and energy industry, remote monitoring takes care of, among other things, the operation of microturbine plants and the flaring of waste centers. In these operations, surveillance inspections are carried out, for example, a couple of times a day or a few times a week. The control of many unmanned power plants has been completely outsourced to the Sarlin Operations Center.


Ticketing increases the quality of service

Sarlin is constantly developing its service solutions. During the autumn, the Operations Center will introduce a ticketing system that will make the resolution of anomalies faster and more efficient, as information can be passed on faster and in a targeted manner to the right people.


In practice, ticketing works in such a way that when the Sarlin Operations Center receives an alarm, for example about a drop in pressure in the network, it opens a ticket for the deviation, which the operator processes and, if necessary, forwards to service management or directly to the client. In this way, the necessary maintenance work or a system improvement proposal is launched immediately, and a message is also sent to the customer’s system. The course of events is documented in real time and the data can be used, for example, in reporting. Ticketing contributes to increasing the quality and efficiency of the Operations Center’s services.