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Control of Airbus compressed air systems
with Sarlin Balance

Finnair's aircraft flies in the air.

Sarlin Balance Smart Management System controls and monitors Airbus' compressed air system.

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer known for its thorough research and development and technologically advanced manufacturing technology. The wings of Airbus aircraft are designed and manufactured in two locations in the United Kingdom: Filton and Broughton. Finnish innovation in the smart control of compressed air equipment – Sarlin Balance Smart Management System is an invisible but important factor in the production of Airbus aircraft wings.

Cooperation since 2000
The collaboration began when a compressed air control was found to be a significant problem at Airbus’ Filton site, as energy was wasted while the compressors were idling. The compressor stations are located two kilometers apart and the best possible solution was sought to control them.
The search for complete compressor control led to the acquisition of the first Sarlin Balance Smart Management System in 2000. Shortly after its introduction, Sarlin Balance established itself as an accurate and reliable smart compressed air management system. With stable control, the pressure dropped to an incredible 5.8 bar, says Airbus Energy Director, Gary Grisp.
Sarlin Balance Smart Management System updates with changes to compressed air systems
Since the first installation, Sarlin Balance Smart Management System has been updated several times. In 2010, the Filton plant upgraded its compressed air system. At that time, the LAN was utilized and thus cabling for all individual compressors was not necessary. At the same time, the features related to dew point monitoring, flow measurement and data recording were updated.
In 2011, the compressed air system at the Broughton plant was renewed and Sarlin Balance Smart Management System was also installed to control. The factories are located 175 km apart. The compressed air networks of both production facilities are managed centrally with the help of Sarlin Balance Smart Management System from the Filton plant.
Sarlin is responsible for maintaining the smart management system
Sarlin is responsible for maintaining the system remotely. When Airbus needs technical support, it allows Sarlin’s expert access to the Balance system. Remote access can solve most problems. If necessary, maintenance tasks are performed on site in cooperation with the customer. With a remote connection to Sarlin Balance Smart Management System, Sarlin’s experts are also able to assist with design and development tasks related to the compressed air system.
Plant Compressors, pcs Compressor stations, pcs Compressor networks, pcs Compressor capacity Average air consumption
1, 225 kW
70 m3/min
3,322 kW
160 m3/min
4,547 kW
160 m3/min

The compressed air system includes lubricated screw compressors from several different manufacturers as well as after-treatment equipment.

  • 19% energy savings per year
  • Both compressed air systems are controlled from Filton plant
  • The pressure level remains constant and sufficient
  • The status of the compressed air system is easily visible from Sarlin Balance user interface
  • Monitoring of critical parameters such as pressure level and dew points facilitates maintenance
  • Continuous data collection on the operation of the system also helps in resolving problem situations afterwards