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The World’s Largest Xylitol Plant Relies on Sarlin’s Technology

The world's largest and most efficient xylitol manufacturer, Danisco Sweeteners Oy's Kotka plant, uses high-quality compressed air in its production.

Danisco Sweeteners Oy’s Kotka plant, which is part of the Dupont Group, produces xylitol, a natural sweetener, and high-quality fructose, i.e. fruit sugar. As a manufacturer of xylitol, the plant is the world’s first, largest and most efficient. Xylitol and fructose are used as a raw material in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Food-quality compressed air

Food-quality compressed air plays an important role at the factory: it is needed used by machines, equipment and tools. Daniscola has is using a wide range of services related to the production, control, maintenance and monitoring of compressed air.

The largest consumption is the transfer of material from one department to another by means of compressed air along the pipeline. The compressed air in contact with the products must be of excellent quality and meet the strict requirements of the food industry.


Long-lasting cooperation

The cooperation between Sarlin and Danisco has lasted already for a couple of decades. Over the years, the plant has had several oil-free screw compressors and adsorption dryers supplied by Sarlin.

In addition, the Kotka plant uses CompAir’s Quantima high-speed turbo compressor. The company’s latest purchase from Sarlin is an energy-saving, vacuum-regenerated FST dryer, which has reduced compressed air consumption by about 25 percent, and brought considerable cost savings.

With a maintenance service contract, Danisco can allocate their own maintenance resources more efficiently to the other challenges required by in our production.

Sarlin Balance has been controlling the compressed air system since 2003

The compressed air system has been controlled by Sarlin Balance since 2003 and a software update is now planned. Updated version of Sarlin Balance system opens up new development opportunities as management and reporting are further improved.

The common goal has been the production of energy-efficient and reliable compressed air.

Verifiable savings in energy costs have been achieved with the Sarlin Optimi service and Balance control. With Sarlin Balance, compressors can be controlled in an optimal way and system data can be used in the planning of energy efficiency projects.

Sarlin Optimi service

Sarlin Optimi is a service that ensures the optimal and cost-effective operation of the compressed air system, and Sarlin is involved in the development of the system. In the implementation of the service, we utilize the Sarlin Balance control, monitoring and data collection system, which is also used by Danisco Sweeteners. The energy-efficient FST dryer has reduced compressed air consumption by about 25%.