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Because everything in life needs to be in balance.

Sarlin Balance Smart Management System helps Chinese Paper Mill to go green

Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Ltd is located in Pinghu city, Zhejiang Province.

It was established in 1984, and Jingxing Paper is specialized in manufacturing craft paper, white craft paper, cardboard boxes, and household paper products. Its production capacity annually is about 450,000 tons of paper.

Good quality means everything

Since establishment, Jingxing Paper has relied on advanced technology to achieve good product quality throughout years and years. In order to keep themselves to be one of the leading producers in craft paper, they investigated issues in their existing production process and searched for solutions.
At Jingxing Paper mill, there are 8 compressors. Each paper machine has own compressed air system, with own compressors and dryers. Compressed air is used in two grades: Instrument Air and Mill Air. Instrument air is higher quality; air is dried with adsorption dryer. Mill Air is dried with refrigerant driers.
15% energy reduction at Jingxing Paper

Sarlin Balance Smart Management System improved Jingxing Paper mill’s energy economy by connecting networks on mill air pipe and reducing pressure level in compressed air system. Besides, compressors are controlled and operated at their optimized level. Electricity consumption was saved about 15% in less than one year.


In addition, Sarlin Balance also helped Jingxing Paper managing their compressed air system automatically.

Compressors are optimized according to the demand of the air at different end user points. Thus, air in the network is stable and sufficient for each process during production.

Excellent results achieved by Sarlin Balance Smart Management System
The project installation took place in 2016 and from the beginning of installation and commissioning; Jingxing Paper has been extremely impressed by Sarlin’s work. “It is very easy to use Sarlin Balance and we received excellent support from Sarlin with remote access. With the help of Sarlin Balance, there is no more lack of air in web break situations. Much better investment than inverter.” tells by Jerry Tang, Equipment Department Vice Manager at Jingxing Paper.