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Outokumpu is improveing energy efficiency with Sarlin

Outokumpu is the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel.

Outokumpu’s Tornio plant also uses the most compressed air on a Finnish scale. Outokumpu has chosen Sarlin to be responsible for the management and production of compressed air production.

In cooperation with Sarlin, the energy efficiency of production can be improved. As Outokumpu is a major energy user, care must also be taken to ensure that energy is used wisely.

Outokumpu’s Tornio plant is the world’s most integrated stainless steel production site.

– We are a major user of energy and that is why we also have a great responsibility to use energy wisely. We are constantly striving to improve our energy efficiency. Here we are assisted by service providers, such as Sarlin, says Susanna Södervall, Director of Factory Services.

 “Sarlin is very professional and they are the expert in compressed air production”

Compressed air is used at the Tornio mill throughout the plant area. If, for example, the production of compressed air suddenly stopped, it would soon also mean that the mill production would have to be stopped.
– Outokumpu is Finland’s largest user of compressed air. Sarlin is responsible for the control and supervision of compressed air production 24/7. In addition, they take care of the maintenance and upkeep of compressors and all compressed air production equipment, says Anne Kärki, Purchasing Manager.
– Sarlin is very professional and they are the expert in compressed air production. They have invested especially in the efficient control of compressed air, Kärki says.

– Sarlin is a Finnish family business. Their professionalism and skills are reflected in everyday life in the fact that we don’t have to interfere in what they do. It is invisible and discreet. We get from them exactly what we have ordered. The supply of compressed air is uninterrupted. They give us operational reliability, Södervall describes.

The service is adapted to meet the customer’s needs

The most important thing in cooperating with Sarlin is to improve energy efficiency and the energy savings achieved through it. Production efficiency requires constant  follow-up and improvement. Otherwise, according to Kärki, it can easily get so-called “rotten.”
– Sarlin is very flexible. They listen to customer’s needs and wishes. They are ready to adapt their service to our needs, Kärki praises.

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