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Compressor management facing severe challenges in China

Compressed air is an indispensable form of energy for iron and steel making enterprises and long-term operation of compressors consumes a massive amount of energy, which makes compressed air production very expensive.

How to effectively manage the compressed air system, adjust the pressure of the network according to production needs, or make the air compressor operate in an optimized state, and reduce the energy consumption of the air production, have become hot topics among technical personnel of energy departments in major steel mills in China.

Modernization of Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Yanshan Steel) is a steel mill under Hebei Iron and Steel Group which is one of the biggest Steel Groups in China. The company’s business scope is producing iron and steel, metallized pellet smelting, steel rolling, iron fine powder.

The first phase of energy-saving project at Yanshan Steel covered only one compressor station at No. 2 Steelmaking Plant. That compressor station has a total of 7 Hanwha centrifugal compressors with a total power of 8750 kW. All the centrifugal compressors are in the same network. Before using Sarlin Balance Smart Management System, steel mills often need to send people to observe the operation status of the compressor at the site. In addition, the air supply pressure in the compressed air system is unstable, which also causes more unnecessary energy consumption. This may also bring a lot of security risks in production.

Successful user experiences in China convinced Yanshan Steel

In order to solve a series of problems in their compressed air system, energy department leaders at Yanshan Steel have been struggling to find a suitable solution. Coincidentally, they learned from Beijing JoinTeam International (JoinTeam), that Sarlin Balance Smart Management System is a thoroughly tested solutions for managing compressed air systems.

Sarlin has over 60 years history in compressed air system management with proven results. It is independently developed by Sarlin Oy Ab. It integrates design, update, and maintenance into a system for compressed air control and monitoring. It uses advanced technologies to control and manage centrifugal compressors. Sarin Balance Smart Management System can control the centrifugal compressor through controlling IGV, and reducing blow-off, thus achieving optimization and energy saving goals.

This project was promoted by the General Manager of Yanshan Steel, together with Mr. Shen, Director of the Energy Department, who was also responsible for the implementation of this project.

Sarlin’s Finnish experts went to the mill in Tangshan and discussed the whole project with relevant personnel from Yanshan Steel. From the project kick-off meeting to the equipment installation and final commissioning, Sarlin experts and representatives of JoinTeam were on site to ensure that every step of the project was carried out strictly according to the plan.

What does Yanshan Steel say about Sarin Balance
“We are very satisfied with Sarlin’s solution. Now we can easily control the operation status of each compressor every day through the computer and get the data from each compressor remotely. There is no need to send staff to go to the site to check, and the air compressor can be managed automatically. In addition, compressors can be operated under high efficiency to provide stable air supply, which improves the safety of the production. Sarlin Balance Smart Management System was installed in 2019, after a few months of system optimization, energy consumption has greatly reduced, and we saved over 10% of the total energy used for compressed air. Sarlin Balance is a well-known expert in energy saving of compressor group control!“. Mr. Liu, who is in charge of compressor stations at No. 2 Steelmaking Plant at Yanshan Steel, highly praised Sarlin’s service.
New start, new challenge
The successful completion of the first phase of the energy-saving project gave more confident to the leaders at Yanshan Steel to continue with the second phase of the project in the near future. Sarlin team has started actively communicating with Yanshan Steel about their existing problems of compressor stations for the second phase project in order to provide customized new solutions for Yanshan Steel. Sarlin is committed to provide customers with first-class services, listen to customers’ needs in order to provide customers with exclusive solutions.