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Because everything in life needs to be in balance.

Korean Shipyard Selected Sarlin Balance to Save More Energy

Dae Sun Shipyard was established in 1945, and it has been devoted to the shipbuilding and ship repair over a half century.

Dae Sun gained a reliable reputation in Korea as well as abroad which is attributable to its advanced technology and varied experience acquired since then. Dae Sun has accumulated diversified experience and technology by improving shipward facilities to meet the demands of the market constantly as a pioneer of Korea’s shipbuilding industry.

Dae Sun is located in the center of the port of Busan which provides optimum geographical advantages for the shipbuilding industry and it has built various types of Ship.

Compressed Air System at Dae Sun Shipyard

At Dae Sun Shipyard, there are seven compressors; three centrifugal compressors and the rest are screw compressors. They are located at three compressor stations. Compressed air is used in dock area for pneumatic tools and air jackets.

Great results achieved by Sarlin Balance

Sarlin Balance system was introduced to Dae Sun by YooSung Machine Co.Ltd in 2016 and installed in early 2017. Sarlin Balance improves energy efficiency and helps daily operations at Dae Sun. Pressure level is always controlled at the optimum level at the end-user point. Moreover, operators can easily select high pressure for sand blasting and depressurize system during non-working hours. The total saving rate for electricity is 35%, besides; Sarlin Balance saved a lot of unnecessary air consumption at Dae Sun which gives great value.

What a successful customer experience!

“We can now manage the whole compressor system and monitor the real time compressor state from the office. And we are able to recognize the power saving effect visually by comparing the same period of last year, very helpful to save production costs. Sarlin has proved their expertise in compressors from the meeting stage by providing the best solution to us, and the whole installation was smoothly performed by their technical experts. “ says proudly by the Maintenance Team Lear of Dae Sun, Mr. Park.