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Sarlin Balance Smart Management System goes to Korea

LS Cable is a Korean company, founded in 1962 and specialized in producing industrial cables.

LS Cable is one of the biggest cable manufacturers worldwide.

Cutting off energy cost is the trend in Asian countries

In recent years, governments in Asian countries has been promoting energy saving and green production. Not only to save costs but also to prevent air pollution. In order to follow the policies made by the Korean government, LS cable has been searching for solutions to reduce energy consumption in their production mills. 
LS Cable production mill in Gumi city has 5 compressor stations, serving production from different locations. Altogether 18 compressors in the 3 different pressure networks. 
Sarlin Balance Smart Management System made daily operation easier and safer
LS Cable is improving productivity by managing and improving production facilities. Before using Sarlin Balance Smart Management System, it was a challenge for LS Cable to have stable compressed air pressure and enough compressed air during the production hours. Though there was enough compressor capacity, pressure in the network fluctuated dramatically at different end user points. This caused unnecessary energy wasted in the production process. 
Sarlin Balance Smart Management System is automatically controlling compressors from 3 different manufacturers, including fixed speed and variable speed compressors. Controlling method is selected individually for each compressor; control by digital I/O, Modbus or pressure value. In addition, dryers are also connected for status monitoring and controlling. All critical alarms are sent to maintenance people.
”With the help of Sarlin Balance, we are now able to automatically control all compressors according to the actual need in different stages in our production process. It has been very convenient for me to manage production facilities after the installation of Sarlin Balance Smart Management System.“ says Kim Taekyun, Manager of Facility Department at LS Cable.
LS Cable achieved about 11% savings 
Reliable air supply and stable pressure are critical resources in most lines of production. With Sarlin Balance Smart Management System, the consumption-point pressure is maintained at a steady and optimum level at LS Cable. Pressure level in the network has been optimized, thus achieved about 11% energy saving compared to consumption before using Sarlin Balance. In addition, LS cable was also able to save in their maintenance costs.
Satisfied user experience brings more opportunities
This was the first time for LS Cable to invest in smart management system to manage their compressed air delivery. With the significant energy saving result and impressive user experience, LS Cable is planning to install Sarlin Balance Smart Management System at their other production sites too.