Manufacturing Industry.

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Solutions for Manufacturing Industry.

Compressed Air is a big player in industrial energy consumption. With our calculator you are able to see how much energy you are able to save in this sector. And think, how much there is more where we can help you, when Sarlin’s Balance experts are able to deep dive into your production.

Read about our references from the sector:

Finnair's aircraft flies in the air.

Case Story Airbus

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer known for its thorough research and development and technologically advanced manufacturing technology.

Two people study a compressed air meter at the Helen Hanasaari power plant.

Case Story Helen Hanasaari power plant

The functionality of the compressed air system is regularly considered together. The compressed air system is controlled and monitored by Sarlin Balace Smart Management System.

The man is standing next to a compressed air tank in the premises of the Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi.

Case Story Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy produces heat and electricity, manages water, electricity and district heating networks, and builds electricity and water networks in Lapland region. 


Case Story LS Cable, Korea

LS Cable is a Korean company, founded in 1962 and specialized in producing industrial cables. LS Cable is one of the biggest cable manufacturers worldwide.

dae Sun1.jpg

Case Story Dae Sun Shipyard, Korea

Dae Sun Shipyard was established in 1945, and it has been devoted to shipbuilding and ship repair over a half century.

UNID station

Case Story UNID, Korea

Korean Chemical company, UNID chose Sarlin Balance Smart Management System to be part of their management system for their facility management team.


Case Story Danisco Sweeteners, Finland

The world’s largest and most efficient xylitol manufacturer, Danisco Sweeteners Oy’s Kotka plant, uses high-quality compressed air in its production.