Privacy policy

Sarlin Oy Ab is a pioneer in industrial compressed air, automation and environmentally friendly energy technology.

As a Finnish player, we share the same values with our customers. We live in the same operating environment as industry. We understand the challenges it faces and see the potential of technology as a developer of industrial business.

We implement the most suitable technology solutions for our customers and take care of their maintenance and service. We believe in long-term customer relationships based on openness and mutual trust.

Sarlin Oy Ab and Sarlin Group Oy Ab PRIVACY STATEMENT

Marketing and customer contacts; Suppliers Personnel


Privacy is important to everyone. That is why we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, staff and partners. Although we sell products and services to corporate customers, doing business requires collection and processing of personal information.

Sarlin processes personal information relating to its employees and customers, including potential and former customers, in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable law, so we ask that you read this Privacy Statement carefully. We may also update this Privacy Statement as our business develops or legislation changes, so we ask you to return to this Privacy Statement from time to time.


The following companies (hereinafter also “Sarlin” or “we”) are the joint controllers in relation to the processing of personal data described in this privacy statement:

Sarlin Oy Ab (business ID: 0612683-5)
Sarlin Group Oy Ab (business ID: 2352221-5)

Sarlin is responsible for the IT maintenance of the personal register described here and also acts as a central point of contact for data protection issues. The company operates at Kaivokselantie 3, 01610 Vantaa.

For what purpose is personal data collected and on based on what it processed?

We collect, store and process personal information about customers, suppliers and personnel for pre-defined purposes. We also ensure that we always have at least one legal basis for processing. The main uses and treatment criteria are:

Providing and delivering our products and services. We collect and process personal information in connection with the fulfillment of contractual obligations and the provision and delivery of products and services. In this respect, the legitimate basis for the processing of personal data is mainly the performance and preparation of the contract and our legitimate interests.

Marketing and customer communication. We implement e.g. direct marketing via email as well as sending out a customer magazine and we are looking for new potential customers, so corporate contact information is also processed for marketing and communication purposes. In this respect, the legitimate basis for the processing of personal data is primarily our legitimate interest. However, a person has the right to prohibit direct marketing at any time. It may also be possible that we will only send certain direct marketing messages if the person has given their consent.

Invoicing, collection, complaint and customer feedback management. During the customer relationship, we process personal data for billing, collection, complaints, the provision and delivery of support and maintenance services, and the management of customer feedback. The products and systems we sell can have a long life cycle, so we need customer contact information for this as well. In this respect, the legitimate basis for the processing of personal data is mainly the performance of the contract and, in part, our legitimate interest.

Developing our business. We may also process personal information in order to develop our business and our products and services. In this respect, a legitimate basis for the processing of personal data is in our legitimate interest.

Fulfillment of legal obligations. We may also process personal information in order to fulfill legal obligations (including obligations under accounting, tax and employment contract laws).

Human Resources. Personal data related to personnel is collected and processed mainly for personnel management purposes, such as the fulfillment of employment contract obligations, the payment of salaries and other employment rights and obligations, and the fulfillment of statutory obligations related to employment relationships. In this respect, the lawful basis for the processing of personal data is the fulfillment of the contract and the fulfillment of legal obligations related to the employment relationship, possibly also consent. We also process information about job seekers on the basis of consent, as well as information about employees in situations where the source of the information is other than the employee and personal data is not permitted to be processed directly by law.

What personal information is collected and from what sources?

In practice, we only collect and process personal information related to the contact persons and personnel of our customers and suppliers.
We collect personal information related to our customers and suppliers primarily from the person themselves. Information is also generated and collected during the customer relationship, but these mainly concern the company, not the individuals.

Typically, we may obtain the following information directly from a customer or supplier:

• Name of the company
• Name of the person
• Job title or job description
• Mobile number
• Department / function
• Categories such as points of interest (used in marketing)
• Work email
• Marketing consents / prohibitions

We use an external service provider to implement e-mail marketing, among other things, so our service provider also handles and maintains our e-mail marketing register and related marketing bans.

In connection with personnel, we receive personal information mainly from the person himself or herself. We may also process information about personnel that is otherwise generated during the employment relationship. We obtain personal information related to job seekers from the individual or, with his or her consent, from others, such as former employers or colleagues.