System for Energy Efficiency.

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Real difference is created by managing all the dots.

Energy is lost with leaks in different parts of the process, but also due to various other reasons such as vibration, or unrecognized over-heating of process equipment. With Sarlin Balance you are able to monitor your process continually. Our platform together with our technology solutions enable you to find those dots, which caused your high energy consumption, hence you will be guided by our top experts to fix problems based on their instructions.

Sarlin Balance includes 1) process auditing, 2) report about current situation and improvement plan, 3) technological solution environment 4) onsite installation and commissioning 5) AI Automated reports 6) 24/7 remote support and 7) continuous improvement with our experts. Lets find your dots.

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Calculate your energy consumption

Compressed Air is a big player in industrial energy consumption. With our calculator you are able to see how much energy you are able to save in this sector. And think, how much there is more where we can help you, when Sarlin’s Balance experts are able to deep dive into your production

Energy Saving / Sarlin Balance Smart Management System

Calculate how much energy is saved by the compressed air system control. Sarlin’s balance controls the compressors, keeps the pressure constant and lets you measure information on the operation of the compressed air system. Read more about Sarlin Balance compressed air system control here.


m³/min *Fill in only Average running compressor power or Average air consumption

Type of running compressors

Average energy 7.5 kW/m³/min
Lubricated screw
Oil-free screw
Average energy 5.8 kW/m³/min





Energy saving per year

Emission reduction per year



Solutions for energy intensive industries

Pulp & Paper Industry

As a Finnish company we have a peak place to collaborate with the world’s leading players and to understand the processes of pulp and paper production. Read about our our solutions for the industry.

Steel Industry

The steel industry is under a loop of societys . Sustainability is a key question in the field. Sarlin has a lot of experience in improving sustainability in different parts of the globe. Read more about our solution

Manufacturing Industry

Energy consumption is a key topic for many industries from mining to food production and car industry. We have helped several sectors in several companies. Will you be the next one? Read more.