Steel Industry.

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Solution for Steel Industry.

Even though the steel industry has made an excellent job with energy efficiency during the last 50 years, it still is as a part of the mining industry one of the biggest energy users in the world with a share of 7 % of global industrial energy consumption. It is widely known that the industry is still able to reduce consumption by more than 10 % or even by 20 % with new technologies and continuous monitoring.

Increasing energy prices and emission trading are making it even more meaningful for the industry. But an even more important issue for the steel industry is a stable process. Losses of production can be crucial without a well monitored and functioning environment. With Sarlin Balance’s experts industrial players of the field are able to have pragmatic tools make these benefits reality.

Everything starts with insights about the process and its maintenance. Understanding this needs special experience and a deep understanding about the holistic process. Sarlin Balance’s top-experts will make the improvement plan for your organization and instruct your team on how to monitor and drive the process with less energy. We make it smooth and convenient for you with our service process and monitoring platform, which is easy to install to several systems without technological borders.

Read about our references from the sector:

Aerial view of Tornio's Outokumpu steel plant.

Case Story Outokumpu Steel Mill, Finland

Outokumpu is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel. Outokumpu’s Tornio plant also uses the most compressed air on a Finnish scale. 

Case Story Delong Steel Mill, China

At Delong Steel mill in Xingtai (China) compressed air was recognized as expensive utility. Sarlin brought in their 60 years of experience in compressed air and reduced 13% of mill’s compressed air electricity use.

Case Story Yanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., China

Yanshan Steel is a steel mill under Hebei Iron and Steel Group which is one of the biggest Steel Groups in China. The company’s business scope is producing iron and steel, metallized pellet smelting, steel rolling, iron fine powder.

Case Story SSAB

SSAB’s goal is fossil-free steel production from the mine to the end user. SSAB’s Raahe steel mill has, among other things, tested the replacement of fossil carbon with biochar. In compressed air production, emissions are reduced with a new energy-efficient turbo compressor.


Case Story Ansteel Bayuquan Branch

Ansteel Group Corporation has seven locations in China and a production capability of 39 million tons of raw steel, which makes them one of the biggest steel manufacturers on a global scale. Their products are sold to more than 60 countries to over 500 different domestic and international customers and partners. 

Shougang Jingtang mill

Case Story Shougang Jingtang

Shougang Group is one of the biggest steel mill groups in China, it ranks 10th in the global scale. Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co ,. Ltd is a major production mill for Shougang Group in Caofeidian, Tangshan city, Hebei province. The factory has a production capacity of more than 10 Mtn per year.