Is everything really well in the compressor room?

Written by Sami Nyman 6.8.2021

Compressed air is an expensive and necessary commodity in many industrial processes, the existence of which is not always even thought of. Therefore, it is even worth starting to think about whether the production plant has the right compressors in place, if the machines are running and there is enough compressed air? Status review is certainly in place and, above all, in the planning phase of an investment project. 

When the purchase of equipment becomes topical, it is a good idea to stop and ask at least these questions:

  1. Do we pay the best price on the market for compressed air?

  2. Do we produce compressed air with as little energy as possible?

  3. What kind of service and maintenance costs do we have?

When compressed air equipment is selected for industrial use, suppliers are eager to tell about why their technology is the best and the right one. In procurement, one can easily be blinded by the abundance of product range and information. Sarlin has more than 60 years of experience in compressed air technology and service solutions. Our most comprehensive service model is the outsourcing of compressed air production, where we take responsibility for the efficient and economical production of compressed air needed by the customer. We develop and improve our solutions and operations in a targeted manner.

We have extensive experience of negotiations with our customers, making calculations and finding the most cost-effective ways to operate in terms of reliability, life cycle costs and energy efficiency. Experience and knowledge matters in this area. Our customers also appreciate the fact that we are a device-independent service provider.


Is the purchase price decisive in decision-making?

It is understandable that the customer often only sees the cost of the equipment purchase and maintenance at the investment planning stage. However, the cost estimated in this way does not necessarily indicate whether the solution is the most economical terms of the entire life cycle of the equipment. Compressor purchase will be made for decades to come, so there are so many components to the overall economy.


With fierce competition in the market, many equipment suppliers seek the order at any cost. Profitability is then sought in the service business when a lot of equipment has been sold. This strategy has been prevalent among compressor suppliers for a long time.


The most economical and reliable solution

Would it be appropriate to stop for a moment, think about alternatives from different perspectives, and consider what is the most economically advantageous solution when planning the next equipment purchase? Are reliability, controllable maintenance and life cycle cost, and the energy efficiency of the equipment and the entire compressed air system the most important criteria after all?


We know from experience that proactive maintenance of a compressed air system and correctly dimensioned equipment pays for themselves in terms of lower repair costs, increased operational reliability and energy savings. When everything is fine in the compressor room, our customers can focus on their core competencies. We don’t make paper, bake bread, or melt iron, but we know how compressed air is most sensible and economical to produce and use in these processes.