Find your Dots.

Some things just keep on getting better and better.

Dots make the difference.

Every production environment is unique. Variations of energy leaks together with energy sources and process requirements make the difference and need a deep knowledge to be calculated out for an improvement plan. Our experienced professionals make that with a practice of decades.

Our partnership model brings all these into your daily actions with an annual energy saving capacity of hundreds of thousands of euros or even more. Let’s start together – make a contract, deep dive into your energy leaks and saving opportunities, make improvements to technology and process habits and reach savings with a lower carbon footprint level.  

1. Audit 

All critical parameters are continuously measured during irregular production situations. The survey typically lasts one week

 2. Report and improvement plan 

Energy saving potential is calculated and reported based on the collected data and previous experience. Sarlin gives suggestions for improvements and continuouss development.

3. Technology

Balance smart management system is designed to optimize compressed air demand.

4. Installation and commissioning

To guarantee an excellent end result our engineers work onsite to finalize all required installations, parameters programming, commissioning and onsite customer training.

5. Portal / AI Automated Reports and AIarms

About possible defects in compressors, generation flow rate / consumption during evaluation, compressor capacity compared to demand, operation of air treatment devices, pressure fluctuations operation of system controls, operation of air distribution network, pressure losses in air treatment and network, adequacy of receiver capacity and air leakages.

6. Remote support 24/7

Reliable service desk supports your systems usage and process stability throughout the whole day.

7. Continuous improvement

We don’t offer just a plan. We run it to become reality and guarantee a continuous improvement and results a year after year.