Because everything in life needs to be in balance.

Sarlin – long roots of experience.

We have solved Industrial problems from year 1932, when the company was established to deliver technological products. services and solution for increasing industrial markets. Based on our roots. we know how Details make the Difference, the Quality and the Sustainability.

In 1995 Sarlin established an Energy Saving Service unit, Sarlin Balance, to support customers’ process efficiency. It was a natural stage for a company, that was very well known for its high quality standards as a process technology partner. The company was founded in 1932 by engineer Erik Sarlin and the entire company culture was based on customer centric thinking and innovations that deliver responsible solutions for industrial companies. After almost one hundred years, family owned Sarlin still has these same values.

During the last twenty-five years Sarlin Balance has served world leading industrial companies as well as local enterprises to balance their production with smarter energy optimization. In 1998 the business unit reached standardizations for ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Nowadays Sarlin Balance optimizes daily over 55MW compressor capacity globally and works on several continents to serve its customers.
Finnish based Sarlin serves its Asian customers from Beijing, China. 
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