Case story > Ansteel Bayuquan, Liaoning, China.

Because everything in life needs to be in balance.

Ansteel saves energy and money with the help of Sarlin’s technology

Sarlin is a forerunner in the field of industrial compressed air, automation and sustainable energy technology. Sarlin offers clients the Sarlin Balance Smart Management System which is a management solution combining system that allows the users to control the entire process of using compressed air at their facilities. In 2015, Sarlin partnered up with GreenStream on a project in an effort to help Delong Steel to reduce their energy consumption. Their newest joint project has been about helping Ansteel to improve their energy efficiency and to reduce their energy usage in one of their seven steel mills in China. From the very first day, the project has enabled Ansteel to save significant amounts of energy and money.

Ansteel Group Corporation has seven locations in China and a production capability of 39 million tons of raw steel, which makes them one of the biggest steel manufacturers on a global scale. Their products are sold to more than 60 countries to over 500 different domestic and international customers and partners. This energy saving project was realized on their Bayuquan location to help lower its energy consumption all the while maintaining the high quality of their products and without compromising their production capacity. 

GreenStream was founded 2001 in Europe and they focus on helping companies to make better investment decisions in relation to climate change. Sarlin and GreenStream’s common goal is to fight climate change by helping their customers to make greener choices. Together they took on the challenge to help a big Chinese steel manufacturer to achieve better production rates with less energy.

”Ansteel wanted to build an Energy Management Center to save energy at their Bayuquan steel mill. With Sarlin Balance, we could realize their whole air compressor system with intelligent monitoring. Furthermore, it enables controlling and steadying the main piping network pressure and creates about 10% savings in power consumption”, explains Jian Sun, the Project Manager at GreenStream.

”Sarlin was chosen for this project due to their great solution and because Sarlin Balance is already patented in Europe and China”, Sun adds.

Before the project was started in practice, it was important to set concrete goals to be able to achieve great results.

”The goal of the project was to reduce the energy consumption at the facility: Wet network pressure was to be reduced from 6.6bar to 5.8bar, dry network pressure from 5.3bar to 4.8bar and power saving benefits was set to be 4.8M RMB”, he continues.


Smooth cooperation enabled remote commissioning

The project was carefully planned and implemented. GreenStream’s responsibilities included delivering all the needed hardware onsite and installing them with Sarlin’s instruction. They also coordinated the project between Sarlin and the Bayuquan mill and supported Sarlin during the remote commissioning.

Sarlin was in charge of providing all the technical documents, instructions, preparing hardware and software deliveries, technical support and doing the final commissioning. Due to the travel restrictions in 2020, Sarlin had to finalize the commissioning remotely. That was enabled by the close cooperation between GreenStream and Sarlin and it went smoothly.

”Sarlin really is the best at intelligent control systems for compressed air system. It can remotely set pressure for all compressors even with different brands”, Sun explains.

”Furthermore, Sarlin’s team is really professional and friendly and their communication is active and fast-paced. They see the bigger picture and we value their sustainable values”, he continues.

 ”From day one, our clients save money”

The Energy Management Contract projects in general save remarkable amounts of energy, steam, water and raw materials all the while increasing production. This was also the case with the Ansteel project and it has resulted in considerable savings in energy and money.

”From day one, our clients save money, since they only pay a commission of the savings they are making with our help”, Sun says.

The final results of the project are excellent and the set goals of lowering the dry and wet network pressures have been fully met. Furthermore, they also exceeded their goals in terms of the amount of power saved in total.

”Currently, Ansteel has already achieved a power saving benefit of over 5M RMB at the Bayuquan facility, which is even more than what was initially set as the goal for this project”, Sun concludes.