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Helen Hanasaari Power Plant – Compressed Air Plays an Important Role

Two people study a compressed air meter at the Helen Hanasaari power plant.

The functionality of the compressed air system is regularly considered together. The compressed air system is controlled and monitored by Sarlin Balance Smart Management System.

Hanasaari power plant has been generating energy for Helen Oy’s electricity and district heating network since 1974. Hanasaari plants generate 220 MW of electricity and 420 MW of heat.


The compressed air system has been reformed over the years
Back in 2007, the plant had four separate networks and eight compressors. In 2011, the system was completely renovated. The combination of four compressed air networks and the acquisition of an efficient Quantima high-speed turbo compressor streamlined operations. The old machines remained spare machines. At the same time, Sarlin Balance Smart Management System was chosen to control the system, and it was updated in 2016.
As compressed air consumption increased, a new 132 kW speed-controlled screw compressor was also purchased. In 2017, the system was supplemented with a new CompAir L250 RS speed-controlled compressor.
The compressed air equipment has a maintenance contract with Sarlin, which includes periodic maintenance, inspections, spare parts and oil. With the help of Sarlin Balance Smart Management System, Sarlin sees the level of consumption and the need for maintenance is quickly detected.
Compressed air is one of the basic resources of the process
At Helen’s Hanasaari power plant, the average consumption in 2017 has been 55.1 m³ / min and the consumption variation is 40–90 m³ / min. Compressed air is involved in almost all stages. It is used, among other things, in tools and in the functions of valves and shut-off dampers. Compressed air blows the boilers clean and cleans the hose filters. In addition, it is used to transport dust.
Most compressed air is consumed in the desulphurisation plant and in the treatment of nitrogen oxides. To reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, the SNCR system was introduced a couple of years ago. It sprays an aqueous urea solution into the flue gases of the boiler furnace with compressed air. The introduction of the SNCR system significantly increased compressed air consumption.
Sarlin Balance Smart Management System optimizes compressed air production
Kaj Luukko from Helen states that “Sarlin Balance Smart Management System has enabled the production of compressed air to be optimized and keep the pressure to remain constant. The production of compressed air consumes a significant part of our own electricity. The savings are significant, as the production of compressed air consumes 250 kW. It has been possible to reduce the mains pressure to around 1 bar, i.e. 6.5 bar. “
Sarlin Balance control view is available for many terminals. In addition to Hanasaari, Luukko is responsible for the Salmisaari power plants, so time and effort are saved when the situation of the plants can be monitored from your own computer, regardless of location.