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Because everything in life needs to be in balance.

Sarlin Balance Smart Management System helps chemical company in Korea

Korean Chemical company, UNID chose Sarlin Balance Smart Management System to be part of their management system for their facility management team.

UNID was founded in 1980 as Korean’s first manufacturer of potassium products. Years after years, UNID has developed themselves into one of the world’s leading company. Nowadays, UNID has subsidiaries also overseas.


Striving for energy efficiency in production

Due to the expensive electricity cost in Korea, energy consumption has always been a concern for UNID. Over the years, UNID has been striving for saving energy in every possible way.


Expensive energy and maintenance costs are burdensome

There are 11 compressors, located in two separate networks at UNID. Operating 24 hours a day and consuming large amounts of energy. Mr. Hoon Hwang, the manager of the facility department was concerned about the huge cost of energy and maintenance. He shared his concern when Sarlin’s partner in Korea reached out to him. He also mentioned that there are 25 people working at the facility department. They have been looking for solutions to reduce energy consumption as well as for stable air delivery to various production locations.


Benefits of Sarlin Smart Management System

”It is so easy to manage all the compressors via Sarlin Balance user interface nowadays. All equipment can be viewed by a glance and we are able to allocate some manpower used to manage the compressors for other tasks. In addition, we save over 12% of the energy cost used for compressed air. Maintenance planning is also no more troublesome with the help of analyzing critical data from the system operating history” Mr. Hoon Hwang highly appreciates the results achieved with Sarlin Balance Smart Management System.